Pavilion Court RTM Company Limited manages the block of flats, Pavilion Court, on a Right to Manage basis. Pavilion Court is built on part of the site of the old Royal Pavilion Hotel, the remainder of the site being occupied by the Grand Burstin Hotel.

What we do

Our business is to manage and maintain the flats. This encompasses employing personnel to clean the common areas, maintenance of all aspects of the building and overseeing capital projects, both civil and electrical.

What makes RTM different

* A Right to Manage Company has the interests of the leaseholders as its prime concern. The aim is to maximise the value of your investment by properly maintaining the buildings and their environment.

* Our approach is to look at each project – however unusual – on its merits, rather than taking the ‘one size fits all’ stance.

* Our prime concern is to obtain best value for money with minimum whole life cost not necessarily the cheapest first cost.

* We have the ability using electronic communication to make decisions very quickly – and all the leaseholders can speak directly to the decision-makers.

* Once we have made a commitment, based on leaseholders wishes, we deliver on it