2017-04-25, Newsletter External Insulation

2015-01-10, Newsletter perimeter wall

2014-12-01, Newsletter CCTV

2014-06-13, Newsletter, 24 parking spaces

2014-05-27, Newsletter, perimeter wall

2014-01-14, 2012-2013 surcharge

2013-07-30, Newsletter, Water bills

2012-12-24, Newsletter, Service charges

2012-06-27, Newsletter, Can of Worms

2011-02-07, Newsletter, surcharge for essential work

2010-09-27, newsletter, Service charge payments

2010-09-17, Newsletter, Damp and LVT determination

2010-08-26, Newsletter, PCRTM new Articles

2010-07-22, Newsletter, The new doors

2009-08-19, Newsletter, results from the LVT and parking permits, with answers to questionnaire

2009-03-25, Newsletter, debtors and legal action

2008-12-12, Newsletter, crime solved

2006-04-24, Newsletter, managing agents

2005-12-28, newsletter, LVT 2006

2004-04-30, Newsletter, Maintenance work in 2003-2004

2003-08-12, newsletter, Replacement of windows

2003-01-07, guidance notes for tenants

2002-03-00, Newsletter, Building Management

2001-09-00, Newsletter, Completion of roof

1999-11-00, Newsletter, Management charges

1999-04-00, Newsletter, LVT 1999

1999-01-00, Newsletter, Forthcoming AGM and creditors

1998-12-00, Newsletter, Repair of North block roof now urgent

1998-11-00, Newsletter, South block roof progressing well

1998-09-00, Newsletter, Service charges and roof estimates

1998-08-00, Newsletter, Leaseholders and service charge credits

1998-04-03, Newsletter, Credits will be applied in the following order

1998-03-03, Newsletter, Special offer

1997-04-01, newsletter, Injunction to prevent the sale of the freehold

1996-12-00, Newsletter, Freehold

1996-09-00, Newsletter, Mission Statement

1996-03-14, Newsletter, Paul Rogers

1996-01-12, Newsletter, Baron

1995-04-05, Newsletter, Baron, improvements to building

1995-01-00, Newsletter, Baron, Need to foster good relationships

1994-03-08, Newsletter, Baron, Damp eradication

1994-02-04, Newsletter, Baron, Damp eradication estimates

1994-01-07, Newsletter, Baron, undesirable residents

1994-01-04, Newsletter, Paul Rogers, the demise of PCRA

1993-12-21, Newsletter, Baron, damp eradication specification

1993-11-02, Newsletter, damp eradication

1993-08-31, Newsletter, Insurance problems

1993-02-24, Newsletter, Baron, Damp and insurance problems

1992-12-15, Newsletter, Paul Rogers, update on repairs

1992-08-00, Questionnaire, Baron

1988-06-22, Newsletter, Gross Fine, explanation of service charges

1988-06-22, Newsletter, Gross Fine, explanation of service charges